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Someone once wrote that “volunteers don’t get paid—not

because they’re worthless, but because they’re priceless.”

note: programs outlined in---are in need of volunteers

programs outlined in---are in need of a director

Color Guard.The post’s color guard will march in various parades (Memorial Day, Veterans’ Day, St. Patrick’s Day), and participate in ceremonies (Cabela’s, Wreaths Across America, Fire Department anniversary, Giansanti Tournament).

Wreaths Across America booth.Volunteers will help to man the Wreaths Across America booth at various functions, like Evening in the Park, Strawberry Festival, Gieslers’ Volunteer Appreciation Day, Heritage Day, and the Chamber of Commerce event.

Wreaths Across America program.Volunteers will assist the director with ceremonies at the state capitol, the truck stop at a school, and at Veterans Memorial Park in December.

Nursing Homes.Volunteers will assist the director in organizing events at local nursing homes to recognize nursing home residents who are veterans.

Rocky Hill Bingos.Volunteers will participate in two semi-annual bingo games held at the Rocky Hill Veterans’ Home.

We need a director who can organize volunteers to perform any of a number of jobs (they can pick one that they enjoy doing and are good at). 

Veterans In The Classroom.Volunteers will spend a day at South Windsor High School speaking to students about their experiences in the military.

We need a director who to organize volunteers who will spend a morning at Wapping School representing the American Legion. Some other schools in town also hold Veterans’ Day ceremonies.

Blue Star Banner program.Volunteers will assist the director in running the post’s Blue Star Banner program. You will develop a program to identify South Windsor families with members serving in the military and organize events (picnics, breakfasts, lunches, dinners, coffees) at which we can present the banners to the families. We also need post members to assist the director.

Oratorical program.Volunteers will assist the director to oversee the post’s Oratorical program. You will arrange for the judges, escorts, timekeepers, and a moderator. You will promote the program at the local high schools. We also need escorts, timekeepers, and a moderator.

We need a director to organize the town’s efforts to assist any injured South Windsor soldier returning to the town. The director will maintain a list of volunteers who are willing to help the veteran and their family transition back to civilian life.